Field Trip

Alsharq Print vender. Was a very interesting trip for me. I have seen how the printing process and how all what we are leaning now are the methods used to create all the packaging that we receive in our daily life. From burger boxes, shopping bags, schools books. We never really knew how do these… Continue reading Field Trip

Brand Manual

Egshar’s brand manual is about showing the identity of the brand. Explaining what Egshar means in the Qatari Arabic, which is the place where the store will be located in.  Collecting the information needed to fill the booklet is not as easy as it sounds. Though I practiced making a collection book before for Type… Continue reading Brand Manual

Post Card

Post card is made to represent our brand “Egshar” to the customers and use the A5 canvas front and back to make an impression to the people and teach them what our brand stands for. Having to find minimalist images of an interior to match the concept of Egshar was challenging. It was about finding… Continue reading Post Card